Holy what this pie is vegan and gluten free!!

My girlfriend and I get pretty island sick some days when we’re really missing our friends and family in Hawaii. Sometimes we just need a tropical punch in the face. I get the request for Haupia quite often from her but am usually reluctant to make it since it can be sort of a boring feat for an avid baker like myself. So when I do make it, I spruce it up with berry jams and special crusts. This is the first version I am sharing. You can thank me later gator.

*Please note that I am more of a bake by feeling than by recipe sort of person so beware measurements are not exact and you should use your own intuition when preparing this
**Not to mention while living in Germany my measuring equipment often goes by deciliters, milliliters, and other liters that make your head hurt when you’re dreaming of your perfect one cup scoops back in the States…

Pie Crust: 9″
3/4 cup toasted oats (GF if you need it that way)
3/4 cup toasted coconut shreds
1/4 cup of sugar
1/4 – 1/3 cup of flour (grind some oats for flour, or use chickpea, buckwheat, or bananas?**imagination.)
1/4 cup oil (can also sub with applesauce!)
pinch of salt
3-6 Tablespoons ground flax seeds (optional but helps with the sticking together process)
1-6 Tablespoons of water enough for dough to come together

2 cans of coconut milk (mine were 400ml about 12 oz)
8-12 Tablespoons of Cornstarch (or for GMO reasons Arrowroot powder will work just fine.)
Add sweetener to your liking about 6-10 TBS

Maracuja topping:
1 Passionfruit
1/2 cup of Maracuja juice
Add sweetener to your taste.
2 Tablespoons of Cornstarch


Prepare Pie shell first. Mix dry then add wet. You dont want this dough too wet. A good test is to grab a golf ball size and squeeze it in your hands, does it stick together and not on your hands?.. perfect. If it’s too mushy and wont come off your hands add a little more of one of the dry ingredients til you get to a nice consistency. Be sure to butter and flour your springform or pie pan whatever you may be using. or else you’ll get the sticks. nobody like the sticks. Press into pan and bake shell at 200°C about 400°F until its nice and browned. Let it cool.

Don’t know how to toast coconut, seeds, oats, etc.??
Simple: Place your product of affection in a nonstick pan over Med-Hi heat. Flip _____ around using sauve wrist movements and be admired by everyone watching (Plants also count here.) Don’t turn your back on this process, failure is at high risk.

Mix 1/4 cup of coconut milk with Cornstarch until you get a smooth milky texture. Bring remaining Coco milk to a boil. While continuously stirring add mixture and stir vigorously for the first couple of minutes so you dont accumulate any lumps. Once nice and smooth continue to stir at a more human rate and stir until you get thick trails behind your spoon. My favorite test for doneness is to pick up a nice spoonful and spell my name into the liquid. If I can see the layer of my name then it’s donesky. Set aside.

Mix 3TBS of Maracuja juice with starch in small bowl. In separate pan bring remaing juice, sweetener, plus pulp from passionfruit to a nice sizzle and repeat directions to create Maracuja topping.

Pour Haupia mixture into pie shell, and carefully with a spoon top pie with Passionfruit mixture. Let it cool for several hours. To speed up the process you can put it in the fridge. Its very difficult for my girlfriend to wait for this to cool so I make sure I shock it in the freezer for a couple of hours before she even knows about it.. sneaky sneaky.

You can make this pie in a many different ways by using your favorite fruit instead of the Maracuja. I like what’s in season and have been known to use a variety of berries.

Creativity is delicious.


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Tierpark Sababurg #Hessen,Germany

I took this picture a couple of weekends ago while visiting the Tierpark which is home to local endangered species which include reindeer, wolves, wild pigs, steinbock, predatorial birds, bison etc. They even keep a herd of ancestral horses which have almost become extinct. I think they look like zebras. (This place is huge and I highly recommend a visit if you find yourself with 7€ and a full day to grab a mulled wine and walk the castle grounds). Which incidentally the neighboring castle,Sababurg is home to the famous legend of Sleeping Beauty.

But that was weeks ago and I’ve been thinking about other things.

Lately I’ve been taking some Deutsch courses to maximize my experience here for the last remaining months. The other day I came across the word, gegenteil which essentially means, opposite. This picture is a prime reference of this word in my opinion. The horns of the Reindeer and the branches of the tree somehow equally stand up to each other as if in a mirror. Regardless of the size difference there is no difference in the amount of confidence each being employs. They both know their place and are kin to each other in this moment.

I think about how disconnected us human beings can be in this ModernDayColonizingMars kind of world. What do our reflections show? If I was standing next to this tree would my hair also give me the dignity of claiming space? I’m not sure. But I do know that to everything there is an opposite. The weather giving me a charged reminder of this fact.

How deep can an opposite reflect?
Depends on how deeply you can love, hate, be angry, laugh, feel joy, feel pain. Can you feel at all? Does nothingness have an opposite? of course, ((fullness.))

Advice of the week:
If you find youself in a moment of frustraion, know that within that frustration there is the seed of its opposite, that is clarity.

If you find yourself wondering what life is about losing your gusto for living, know that within that seed a tree waits to drop you the fruits of sweet life.

If you find yourself in a static period of your life where everything seems so dull and boring, therein lies the seed of excitement and adventure!

If you find that youre pinchin your bucks to put food on your table, know that a feast awaits you !!

If you find yourself without feeling loved, know there are unlimited seeds of this kind on this planet and they all bloom on their own time to take their own shapes and faces, colors and smells and its lovely. remember you cannot know what the seed contains but you can be sure of its longevity by your willingness to nourish and protect.

OF COURSE, we must become rivers for Seed energy to flow through us. It’s easy to get caught up in one emotion, whats the point of that??! Theres countless emotions that could never be counted, so let them come and experience them all. In this way alone can we be open to all the species of fruits life can conjure and in the same breadth watch them wither away and deposit their seed into new soil. Who knows what nature will create next season 😉

We are emotional ecosystems! So put down your bamboo chopsticks and hemp tote bags, realize you are green and the recycling comes from the inside.

That’s all,

Gegenteil: Love your opposite

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…Or in this case, Telecaster.

I was totally inspired today by a friend’s blog who goes by Pussymuscle// Hope you dont mind I äm linking you here Lil//. I dont know if it was the misty feelings she gave me from reading her morning forest blog or the absent mindedness of her rants going on with her day.. Either way, I had this feeling that time was slipping away as I sat on my couch early AM with a cup of Kamille tea and the feeble feeling of being a tiny human being caught in the catastrophes and disasters that occur on this planet. It’s hard you know, when you think of a typhoon ripping through thousands of people, to go on with activities that require so much of this precious monetary shiße… to drop 50€ on a dinner, to fantasize about making hemp seed sprouts and baking scones in the morning. Such luxuries, all because I was fortunate enough to be born in a certain location in an infrastructure that offers me “opportunities”  …It’s totally bizarre.

Do you also wonder what “celebrities” are doing with their hordes of money? I fantasize about a secret celebrity undergroud where there are thousands of organizations dedicated to peace and equality. insert short empty laugh here.

Anyway, I had to write this song

If you’re interested the lyrics are simple:

“Don’t be late child, The Sun won’t shine, If you’re fate child, is just in your mind. Time don’t wait love, you best get in line, What they tell you.. time and time again, child. Don’t be shy baby, Silence will only make you crazy, Don’t you cry my lovely bird, The Sun will rise so you may sing, Just Give it Time baby.”

I dedicate this to the many island folks without moms, dads, children, shelter, food, and comfort everywhere but tonight especially in the Phillippines.